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Everything Kikoi

Finding the perfect Kenyan souvenier? EVERYTHING KIKOI is for you!

Kikoi (Kikoy) comes from Swahili and means “something to wrap around you”. Originally, it was a traditional pareo exclusively made and worn by men from the East African coast. Now kikoi has become incredibly versatile and can be used as picnic blanket, table cloth, beach towel, sarong or scarf among many other uses.

EVERYTHING KIKOI offers kikoi that are 100% cotton and because of their soft, comfy, colorful, easy to wash and vibrant nature, we use the cloth to make different products, all handmade and tailored by our local people.

Our company is committed and passionate about sustainability, hence we always develop our strategies with aim of reducing negative environment impact.

All our clothes are carefully made by the local community and hope you love our clothes as much as we enjoy making them.